Jan. 8th, 2017

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I have tried looking for everything I can about the structure of these hats and have not really found anything new in a decade. In fact an amazing source for other garments has turned out to have nothing about hats. veils yes. So I may have to pore more deeply through that to see if there were one or two paragraphs I skimmed.

So I have gone back to what I know works and used as modern equivalent of card (buckram that is more glue than cotton but it is waterproof when not heated, so happy! I thought it was vinyl when I first got it it is that strong. A layer of felt, a layer of thin hair canvas.

The layers were basted together and then each part pressed. Then the top edged overhanded loosely. I will need to press this over a form, I suspect that is how the originals were handled. But right now my form is very squishy. To the padding!

I also have new brocade for the gold cap :)And there may be pearls to go with it 🙂 Experience with wearing mine has changed how I want it to fit so there will be a bit of patterning to go with that. There should be enough left over for the distinctive bust decoration 🙂

And finally I’m rebuilding The Frazzled Frau specifically for the Nordrein. I will go further across to Westfalische cities seeing as I have recreated a few gowns from there so have a few leads on novel information. It will be a lot more formalised so it’s taking awhile to rebuild. It needs to be searchable and that means tags, so many tags and categories!

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Love. So in love. My hair has been lost and regained between first making and wearing to now, so I have to do something different with my haube. Right now the back of the one I wear under my pearled Braunchweig haube pushes the back of the stickelsche out of place. This style depends heavily on having braids just so and haube just so. But doesn’t really require much fussing once on. It’s just getting familiar with your hair and fabric properties 🙂


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